The real estate offers are for different prices and located in various locations of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.
With intensive search, it is likely that you will find suitable property, that meets your requirements and ideas for personal or business plans.

At this time, however, we would like to suggest to you another option to acquire property - that is a purchase tailored to your financial goals and personal or business needs.

What does this mean?

It is our opinion that a newly built home or apartment is a better solution for those interested in buying a property than an old one as it is new with a fresh warranty and it is built according to your ideas and specifications. If you build your dream house with us it will be in the location of your choice and it will be at least 25% cheaper than the market price.

But - what exactly is a tailored purchase?

One sentence - personal approach to you and your ideas.

Why would our assistance be personal? Because we do not work for a commission, and therefore we only choose the best for you and not what is the best for a commission.

The location is always important, both from a commercial and a personal point of view (where you feel the best). (added space here) We will help you choose a location without the hassle of real estate agents.

From signing the contract until you take over the house, you will not have any worries as we shall do the following:

-- We will assign you an assistant who will speak your language and who will help with or arrange for all administrative tasks on your behalf.

-- Our lawyer will provide all the purchase and/or construction related paperwork for you.

-- After buying the land we will prepare projects that will meet the local standards based on your ideas.

-- In the end, it is enough to take over the house and possibly use our other services related to the care of the house and the garden, as well as the rental or sale of your real estate.

If you feel that our tailored offer might interest you, please email us with your contact details, the language you wish to speak to us in and we will contact you shortly through our nearest office.

People all around the world are most welcome.

P.S. Additionally we will of course help buyers with immigration if necessary.